Household water purifier
   With the improvement of people's awareness of drinking water, many people focus on the home water purifier, of course, there are people hesitate to buy the home water purifier price is necessary?是时候重视自己与家人的身体了!    1、自来水烧开后,依然无法去除水垢、重金属、挥发性物质及细菌尸体等污染。    Pollution 1: After chlorine disinfection of tap water, it can kill viruses and bacteria, but it can not remove scale, heavy metals, volatile substances, etc., and the bodies of viruses and bacteria still exist, and after chlorine disinfection, there will be more chlorine in the water。    Pollution II: After long-distance transport of tap water through pipelines,Susceptible to secondary pollution,Rust, sediment, bacteria and so on again affect the quality of tap water,Especially for high-rise residential buildings,Because there's a secondary pressurization,So there's usually a water tank on the roof,This kind of water tank will make the tap water into the household polluted by sand, rust, bacteria and so on。So the tap water will basically choose to boil and then drink, but boiling can only solve the bacterial problem, can not solve the sediment, rust, scale, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacterial corpses and other problems, so just boiling, drinking water quality will not be fundamental。    2, bottled water dispenser, high cost, short period of validity, more susceptible to secondary pollution。    Disadvantage 1: The cost of bottled water is high, a barrel of bottled water is about seven to ten yuan, the cost is high, and most of this water is processed by a large household water purifier or pure water machine, and there are few well water on the market。    Disadvantages 2: there are hidden dangers, recycled plastic waste cans, thousands of households do not use disinfection, transportation, handling process pollution, while bottled water storage time is short, easy to deteriorate, and connected to the water dispenser after use in the open state, will be polluted by air pollutants, so it is not an ideal drinking water solution。    Disadvantage 3: inconvenient to use, telephone reservation, waiting。    3, bottled water cost is high, not suitable for family daily use。    Bottled water is listed as daily water for a small number of wealthy families, but the cost of this method is too high, and the effect may not be as low as the price of household water purifier manufacturers。    4, the use of household water purifier, can effectively filter all kinds of pollutants, to meet the standard of raw drink, and the cost is relatively low。    Advantage one: hygiene,Meet standards for bottled and bottled water,Home water purifiers are purely physical filtration methods,It can effectively remove all kinds of pollutants,Such as bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, scale (multi-purpose calcium magnesium, etc.), volatile substances, rust, sediment and so on,And the cost is much lower than bottled water,Good taste of the water,drinkable。    Advantage two: large water production, can be used for cooking rice soup, convenient and fast, with the drink, no need to etc., so the home water purifier is the ideal drinking water solution for the family。 1.6/5A power supply   Commercial water purifier ZY-Z1   Water purification equipment accessories Inlet/outlet solenoid valve Straight drink machine   Water purification equipment accessories 3/6 kW heating tube   Water purification equipment accessories Delta pump