Straight drink machine
In today's seriously polluted environment, drinking water has become one of the problems that people pay great attention to。In order to solve the problem of drinking water quality, water purifiers and direct drinking machines have become equipment in many homes。However, for many people, the difference between a water purifier and a straight drink machine is not clear。This article will detail the differences between water purifiers and straight drink machines to help readers better understand them。A water purifier is a device that filters and purifies impurities, odors and chemicals in water。It uses a variety of filtration technologies, such as activated carbon filtration, RO reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, etc., to ensure water quality and purity。Water purifiers typically include multiple filtration layers, each with a different role to remove different types of contaminants from the water。In general, water purifiers can remove heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, organic compounds, pesticides, chlorine and so on from water。The water quality treated by the water purifier meets the drinking water standard and can be drunk with confidence。In contrast, a direct drinking machine is a device that treats tap water directly into drinking water for the human body。It provides users with high quality direct drinking water through filtration and preservation technology。A straight drink machine usually includes components such as a pretreatment system, a filtration system, a disinfection system and a system。First, the pretreatment system is used to remove suspended solids and particles from the water。Secondly, the filtration system uses multi-stage filtration technology to remove odors, heavy metals and organic substances from the water。The disinfection system then uses or other disinfection techniques to kill bacteria and viruses。After that, the system is used to make the water fresher and increase the taste of the water。The difference between water purifiers and direct drinking machines is mainly reflected in the way and treatment effect of water treatment。The water purifier removes various pollutants from the water through a variety of filtration technologies to ensure water quality and purity。It is suitable for areas with poor water quality and can effectively remove heavy metals, organic matter, bacteria and viruses from water。However, water purifiers are slower to process and take time to purify enough drinking water。In addition, the water purifier needs to replace the filter element frequently to ensure its filtration effect。In contrast, direct drinking machines provide a direct drinkable water source through a multistage treatment system。It can meet the needs of people to drink water anytime and anywhere, without waiting for filtration time。The direct drinking machine removes particles, odors and heavy metals from the water, while killing bacteria and viruses to ensure the water's properties。The direct drinking machine has a faster processing speed and is very suitable for occasions where a large amount of water is needed。However, the reverse osmosis membrane filtration effect of the direct drink machine is poor and cannot remove dissolved substances in the water, so extra attention is required when used in areas with poor water quality。In addition, there are also differences in price between water purifiers and direct drinking machines。In general, the price of water purifiers is relatively low, suitable for users with limited budgets to buy。The direct drinking machine is more expensive, suitable for those who have economic strength and pay attention to the quality of life users to buy。   Water purification equipment accessories TLQ-ROA1-88 gold Delta pump   Water purification equipment accessories Industrial processing equipment   Water purification equipment accessories   Water purification equipment accessories Straight drink machine High voltage switch Yuqi press/touch/three-second speed hot pipeline machine