Straight drink machine
 Friends usually have noticed that the feeling of drinking mineral water and drinking tap water is not the same, the taste of mineral water is softer and easy to drink, and the taste of tap water is very astringent after heating, and sometimes there is odor, not very good to drink, then why are the same water, the taste is so bad?     Although it is water, it is also soft and hard, because the tap water has more mineral content such as calcium and magnesium ions, so the water quality should be hard, belonging to hard water, all taste is not good, and mineral water after processing, the water quality becomes soft, so it is more suitable for drinking。    In addition to the difference in taste when drinking, what are the differences between hard water and soft water?    In addition to the taste of drinking, if drinking hard water for a long time, the inorganic minerals in the water can not be effectively digested and absorbed, and it is likely to accumulate in the human body, inducing arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular, stone and other types。Long-term use of hard water in life, there will be water heater efficiency reduction, humidifier, shower nozzle is often blocked, after bathing, face wash, skin astringent, tight, clothes, towels after washing a few times hard and so on。Therefore, in Western developed countries, 90% of household water (including cooking, washing, showering, etc.) uses soft water。Soft water can make clothes more fluffy and soft, furniture bright as new, bathroom and kettle no longer scale, with soft water bath, but also delay skin aging, so that the skin after cleaning without tension, luster and delicate。 3.2G pressure barrel   Water purification equipment accessories   Water purification equipment accessories Industrial processing equipment   Water purification equipment accessories 18 seconds self flushing combination valve Straight drink machine   Commercial water purifier High voltage switch 3/6 kW heating tube