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  1.Common pollutants in wastewater mainly include bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, organic matter, inorganic matter, cyanobacteria, worms, colloids and so on。The main function of the water purifier is to filter out these harmful substances to ensure the water。  2.The main disinfection and process in waterworks to effectively remove residual chlorine is to pour chlorine into the water, which is why the tap water smells like bleach。 Residual chlorine is not contamination。 The state requires households to have chlorine in their tap water。 However, residual chlorine can create carcinogens in the water, and the taste of bleach can also affect the taste of the water。 The common form of water purifier to remove residual chlorine is to use activated carbon adsorption, so the quality and service life of activated carbon determine the adsorption effect。 3.No secondary pollution whether the water filtered by the water purifier can be directly drunk also depends on whether the water purifier itself will cause pollution, so the choice of the shell material and filter material of the water purifier is particularly important。 For example, just like the quality of activated carbon mentioned earlier, many types of household water purifiers have exploded with excessive amounts of arsenic, the main reason is the use of charcoal and coal-based charcoal。 The better activated carbon used in the water purifier is coconut shell charcoal, which is processed with coconut shell, and the price will be higher。 In addition, some manufacturers advertise the addition of medical stones to their products, which increase the minerals in the water。 This is all nonsense。 Products containing such substances cannot pass quality inspection。   Commercial water purifier Industrial processing equipment Suhl 10-inch filter cartridge   Water purification equipment accessories   Water purification equipment accessories 3/6 kW heating tube   Commercial water boiler TLQ-ROA1-88 gold Industrial processing equipment Home Apple six generation RO pure water machine