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Company profile

Shanxi Shuizyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in household, commercial and industrial water treatment equipment, mainly responsible for the sales, installation, maintenance and after-sales of water treatment equipment such as water purifiers, pure water machines, water boilers and softening water in Shanxi and its surrounding areasMaintained enterprise。

Since the establishment of the company, uphold the quality of products, customer first business philosophy!

We have high quality products and very professional technical service personnel。The charges are transparent and reasonable, in strict accordance with the humanized charging standards formulated by the Price Bureau in combination with the market。Let each customer enjoy the service at the same time, more assured, comfortable。Customer satisfaction is our pursuit!

Corporate culture:

Altruism, respect for God, love!

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Let thousands of families because of our existence and life better!

Core values:

Customer satisfaction, gratitude and altruism! 

View of happiness:

Customer satisfaction is our pursuit and happiness!


Strive to become a benchmarking enterprise for service providers in the water purification industry, so that people who love the water purification industry can find an ideal home for entrepreneurship!

What is softened water At present, in life you often hear soft water and hard water, there is a big difference between the two, so what does softened water mean?Softened water is water that has been treated and does not contain any soluble calcium and magnesium compounds。If it is hard water, it means that what treatment has not been done, common river water, tap water, etc.。Soft water is usually used to wash clothes, hair or face, and can not be drunk directly。When the softened water is treated, its calcium salt and hard water magnesium salt content will be reduced, although after boiling, hard water can be temporarily turned into soft water, but in the face of strong industrial demand, choose this method is not very realistic and uneconomical。 In daily life, we often see that the inner wall of the kettle will have scale after being used for a long time。What is the reason for this?It turns out that the water we use contains a lot of inorganic salts, such as calcium and magnesium salts。These salts can not be found by the naked eye in water at normal temperature, once they are heated and boiled, a lot of calcium and magnesium salts are precipitated by carbonate formation, and they form scale when they are close to the wall of the pot。We usually use the "hardness" index to express the content of calcium and magnesium ions in water。One degree of hardness is equivalent to 10 milligrams of calcium oxide per liter of water。Water below 8 degrees is called soft water, water above 17 degrees is called hard water, and water between 8 and 17 degrees is called medium hard water。Rain, snow, rivers, rivers and lakes are soft water, springs, deep Wells and sea water are hard water。The difference between softened water and other water Raw water is water that has not been treated。In a broad sense, the water before entering the water treatment process is also called the raw water of the water treatment。For example, the water sent from the source to the clarifier for treatment is called raw water。     Softened water refers to the degree of water hardness (mainly refers to calcium and magnesium ions in water) removal or reduction。In the process of softening water, only the hardness is reduced, and the total salt content is unchanged。Desalinized water refers to water in which salts (mainly strong electrolytes dissolved in water) are removed or reduced to a certain extent。Its electrical conductivity is generally 1.0~10.0μS/cm, resistivity (25℃)(0.1~1.0) x 106 Ω ˙ cm, salt content is 1 ~ 5mg/L。Pure water refers to the water in which the strong electrolyte and weak electrolyte (such as SiO2, CO2, etc.) are removed or reduced to a degree。Its electrical conductivity is generally: 1.0~0.1μS/cm, electrical conductivity (1.01.0~10.0) x 106 Ω ˙ cm。含盐量为<1mg/L。Ultra-pure water means that the conductive medium in the water is almost removed, and the gases, colloids and organic substances (including bacteria, etc.) that do not dissociate are also removed to a very low degree of water。Its electrical conductivity is generally 0.1~0.055μS/cm, resistivity (25℃)>10×106Ω˙cm, salt content <0.1mg/L。The conductivity of ideal pure water is (theoretically) 0.05μS/cm, resistivity (25℃) is 18.3 x 106 Ω ˙ cm。 Household water purifier   Water purification equipment accessories 1.6/5A power supply 18 seconds self flushing combination valve Industrial processing equipment TLQ-ROB2- Drinking Water Platform (Double outlet)   Water purification equipment accessories A variety of specifications solenoid valves Straight drink machine   Commercial water purifier